Waste Oil Distillation Plant
  • Raw materials: waste engine oil, tyre pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil
  • End products: Diesel oil, waste gas, syngas
  • Average out-put oil rate: 80%-90%

Huayin Waste Oil Distillation Plant convert waste engine oil, tyre pyrolysis oil and plastic pyrolysis oil to non standard diesel, the whole process is under normal and vacuum pressure.

What is distillation

  Distillation is the chemical engineering processes and other facilities used in oil refineries to distills the incoming crude oil, pyrolysis oil and waste oil into useful products such as diesel oil and fuel oils, gasoline or petrol, jet fuel, etc.

Product Parameters



Raw material

waste engine oil, waste lubrication oil, tire pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil

Structure form



Reactor size



3 Ton/Day


5 Ton/Day


10 Ton/Day

Operating pressure

Normal pressure

Heating material

coal, wood,natural gas, pyrolysis oil

Average out-put oil rate

80% diesel oil, 5% light oil, 10% heavy fuel oil, 5% loss

Material of reactor

Q245R or Q345R professional boiler plate

Thickness of reactor

16mm or 18mm(according to your requirement)

Mode of cooling

Circulating Water cooling


40 kw/h

Labor required

3-4 workers

Space needed

Length: 30m and width :10 m at most

Service life

16mm thickness about 500-600 batches
18mm thickness about 600-700 batches

Working process

1. Prepare two waste engine oil storage oil tank around 50m³, use the oil-water separator to remove the waste engine oil water content to 1% max, then use the oil pump to pump waste engine oil into the distillation reactor, then heat the reactor by wood, gas, oil or coal to let the oil begin to refine. The distillation column shall separate the light oil and diesel oil purely.

2.After distillation process, then put the final product into Color and smell removal system for further processing, this can improve the oil quality and make color is lighter, and smell is less.

remove the​color and smelling flow chart


Plant Features


  1. With an auto welding machine for the reactor, it can not only greatly improve working efficiency but also guarantee the quality of welding seam, thus avoid explosion caused by gas leak.

  2. Professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber are especially for welding.

  3. Vacuum system will prevent oil gas from  going back to reactor and causing accident.

  4. Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve.

  5. It is dangerous to burn exhaust gas(C1 to C4) without any safety measures. In our process, it is transferred first through the safety device and safe gas gun. Before burning, we should ensure the safety of production.

Environment friendly:

  1. Well water dedusting system can avoid black smoke.

  2. The waste gas will be recycled for heating reactor, no gas pollution

  3. Every junction of the reactor is in good sealing situation with professional sealing material.

Long service life:

  1. Material: Q345R special steel plate ,thickness 16mm or 18mm.

  2. Welding: Automatic welding machine with heating treatment and x-ray detection will prolong the service life of reactor to the max.


Product Usage
Items Contents
Fuel oil(80%-90%) Apply to tractors, trucks, ships, diesel oil generators, power generators, etc.
syngas(10%) Recycle it to heat the distillation system, store the gas for heating, liquefied.

Recycle it into furnace to heat reactor.

HUAYIN Strength
Production scale
Production scale

Established an equipment display factory and laboratory with an area of more than 9,000 square meters, dedicated to equipment research and development and testing, technical staff training and practical operation.

Quality control
Quality control

From procurement, production to acceptance, we have a complete production process and strict quality control system to ensure that every link is done to the extreme.

On time delivery
On time delivery

We will formulate the transportation schedule one week in advance, book the space in advance, and assist customers in solving all problems in the delivery plan to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers on time.

Worry-free after-sales
Worry-free after-sales

Before or after the goods arrive at the customer site, the corresponding professional engineers are dispatched to guide the on-site installation and adjustment according to different factory configurations.

At your service anytime
At your service anytime
HUAYIN recommends Waste Oil Distillation Plant for you. You can learn more about the performance advantages and technical parameters of waste tire pyrolysis equipment, and you can also return product homepage.
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