Oil Sludge Recycling to Oil Solution
Oil Sludge Recycling to Oil Solution
HUAYIN would recommend reasonable project solutions based on customers' needs (disposing of waste oil sludge to protect the environment, finding lower-cost alternative fuels, etc.), local conditions, investment budgets, etc.
I. Technical solution:

  HUAYIN would provide localized solutions combined with local industrial production conditions:

  ● During market research, we can provide professional advice on factory buildings, water, power and site selection, etc., and provide relevant materials to assist in environmental protection, land construction and other permit applications.

  ● Based on almost three decades' customer service experience, HUAYIN will advise you on multiple channels for obtaining waste oil sludge, so that you can obtain sufficient waste oil sludge in a long-term and stable manner to ensure your project profits.

  ●HUAYIN would offer corresponding machine configuration plan according to the supply, transportation and storage information of raw materials, and specific markets of the output (such as industrial fuel, heavy oil power generation, oil refining, etc.).

  ● HUAYIN can provide a series of pretreatment solutions (sorting, washing, crushing, packing and drying, etc.) ) and output deep processing plan according to different types of waste oil sludge (such as ground crude oil sludge, oil contaminated soil, bunker oil sludge, oily mud, tank bottom oil sludge), processing capacity, quality requirements for by-products, project budgets, etc.. (Considering the complexity of renewable energy recovery projects and the diversity of raw materials, HUAYIN can provide sample inspection and testing for free.) 

  ● HUAYIN will rationally plan the layout and construction plan of equipment and factories based on customers’ land area, layout, location, etc.

  ● HUAYIN will recommend suitable product application fields based on customers' local conditions so that customers can find suitable sales channels and obtain project profits.

II. Investment budget solution:

  Regarding various expenditures involved in this project (such as permit application, machine purchase, transportation, customs clearance, plant construction, equipment installation, raw material purchase, working capital, salary and training), output (oil and carbon black) sales revenue and government subsidies, HUAYIN will assist you in preparing a feasibility report and investment return analysis for this project. 

III. Personnel training and management solution:

  HUAYIN will recommend the type and number of workers required based on the equipment handling capacity, and provide technical training on equipment installation, operation and maintenance. In addition, based on almost three decades' factory operation and management experience, HUAYIN can provide personnel management services (personnel recruitment, salary structure design, performance appraisal, training, etc.) to help improve employees' enthusiasm and working efficiency, reduce staff turnover rate, and increase return on investment.

IV. Project Timetable:
Stage I Applying relevant qualifcations and permits (Estimated 1-6 months)
Stage II Equipment production (Estimated 1 month)
Stage III Transportation (Estimated 1 month)
Stage IV

Site construction

Machine installation &test running

(Estimated 1-3 months)
Stage V Putting into operation -


HUAYIN recommends Oil Sludge Recycling to Oil Solution for you. Here, you can get the advantages of the application and the value of the solution, and you can return to the solutions homepage.
Applicable Products
  • Capacity model: 1Ton-15Ton
  • Raw materials: Waste Tyre/rubber
  • Average out-put oil rate: 45% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, 10% steel wire, 10%-15% syngas
  • Raw materials: 1Ton-15Ton
  • Capacity model: waste tyres/waste rubber
  • Output: 45% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, 10% steel wire, 10%-15% syngas
  • Capacity model: 4000kg
  • Raw materials: waste tyres/waste rubber
  • Output: 45% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, 10% steel wire, 10%-15% syngas
  • Capacity model: 1Ton-15Ton
  • Raw materials: waste plastic
  • Output: fuel oil, carbon black, syngas
Other Solutions
HUAYIN would recommend reasonable project solutions based on customers'needs(disposing of waste tires to protect the environment,finding lower-cost al
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