Waste Water in the Pyrolysis Process
  • Aug 13, 2021
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waste water in the pyrolysis process....

Waste Water in the Pyrolysis Process

(picture:Waste Water in the Pyrolysis Process)

  The water of tire pyrolysis equipment is generally used as the carrier of condensation and heat exchange. The high temperature oil gas from pyrolysis plant needs to be cooling down by the condenser, this oil gas are converted to liquid oil and then collected. This process is under intermittent heat exchange, so the condensed water can be recycled without pollution.

pyrolysis plant

  The high temperature gas produced by the combustion of the waste tyre pyrolysis furnace. The high temperature gas needs to be condensed and then passed through the gas treatment device. The water here has the same function as the above place. It does not produce waste water and can be recycled.

  The water is also used to spray the high-temperature flue gas to remove dust. This water is circulated and the impurities are filtered out by precipitation. Water only plays a cooling role in the pyrolysis process, so there is basically no waste water in this process.

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