HUAYIN group investigated in Europe
Recently, our company sent an investigation group to Europe, we traveled several European countries, communicated with our customers, visited some factories. We learn a lot from this travel, and also find new business opportunities. Here, i’d like to share some information with you, some of these information are new projects of our company.
As we are a manufacturer of pyrolysis plant and oil distillation plant. We are doing the business about waste recycling. The raw materials we need include waste tires, waste plastics and used rubbers. Our investigation group visited a factory, which is doing the job of separating and packing household garbage. They have an equipment to do this job. With this equipment, you could get useful material from messy garbages, then packing these material for pyrolysis. The advantage of this equipment is helping you prepare material for waste pyrolysis plant, with better material, you will get more and higher quality fuel oil.

HUAYIN group investigated in Europe  

Organic solid waste pyrolysis integrated power generating system:

You may heard about waste incineration power plants, but do you know organic solid waste pyrolysis integrated power generating system? Just as its name implies, this system is the combination of pyrolysis plant and generator.

HUAYIN group investigated in Europe  
1. Pyrolysis plant:

This equipment is used to dispose waste tires, plastics used rubber and other organic solid waste, instead landfill or burning, pyrolysis plant could get crude oil and gas from these wastes. Organic solid waste pyrolysis generating system taking crude oil and gas as fuel to generate electricity. We , HUAYIN company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis plant. We can provide you high quality pyrolysis plants, which are environmental protection, safety, long service life, high oil yield and energy saving.

HUAYIN group investigated in Europe  
2. Heavy fuel oil(HFO) emulsifying machine:

Water “dilute” HFO, in order to obtain stable emulsified heavy fuel oil(FOE). Thus can reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Increasing the combustion efficiency. Lower turbidity, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

3. Heavy fuel oil generator unit and fuel gas generator unit:

The crude oil and gas you get from pyrolysis plant will be transported to the heavy fuel oil generator unit and fuel gas generator unit, burning to generate continuous and stable electricity.
Through optimizing of integration, electronic and mechanical engineering, this system is the leading technology all over the world, and its efficiency also takes the leading position.

4. Working efficiency of the system:

Crude oil 250kg/hour, with 1000KW generator, generating 800KWelectricity.

HUAYIN group investigated in Europe

HUAYIN customers:
HUAYIN group investigated in Europe

CNC macginery:

HUAYIN group investigated in Europe

Through this investigation, we get more confidence in this project. On one hand, this is a green technology, investors could get government permission easily, even get support from government, on the other hand, this is a project with great profit, we have a good customer market. In the future, we will develop more projects, welcome to join us. Have any problem, please contact us.

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