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    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.Ltd is the first one that commits in waste management equipment production for 20 years. We are the only one company which has nine patents and the only one with christian background. We also have 2000 square meters of refining demonstration site in this industry and also have certifications of a national ISO 9001:2000 with CE approved. Specialty, quality, and technology always be our pursuit. Our products like waste tire pyrolysis plants have been exported to Italy, Romania, Thailand, Russia, Lebanon, Pakistan and India, which gets a good reputation among our clients.

our equipments have three links

  The first link is making the crude oil .
  The second link is making the diesel through the fractionation.
  The last link is the color and oder removal.through these three links,you can get good quality oil.

The advantages of huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant

  A: Reactor

  1. The raw material of reactor is Q345R. Q345R is mainly used for pressure vessel because it can be continuously heated for long time.
  2. Auto-welding with carbon arc air gouging technique.
  3. The reactor is fully covered by thermal insulation. Heat preservation effect is good.
  4. The gear is separated from the reactor. It avoids deformation after being heated for long time. Even it is broken you only need to change the gear. The maintenance cost is low.
  5. Gaps are sealed by asbestos pad.
  6. There is an safety net inside the reactor. It prevents the raw materials going to accessories and avoiding blocking.
  7. There are spiral plates inside of the reactor cab help to auto-feed and slag.
  8. Feed port is round shape. It can work with auto-feeder. It helps you feed more raw materials and improve working efficiency.

  B: Oil-water Separator

  1. Purify oil gas with recycling water.
  2. Water sealing design guarantees that the tail gas can not go back to reactor so keep machine safe.
  3. Separate heavy oil and water.
  4. Make heavy oil go into first oil tank.

  C: Anti-back fire device

  1. Recycle tail gas to furnace. It is environmental protection and saves your fuel.
  2. Water sealing design guarantees that the tail gas can not go back to reactor and accessories so that keep machine safe.

  D: Vacuum device

  1.With auto-feeder, to feed the raw material continuously, no gas leak and no pollution
  2. Decreasing the pyrolysis temperature and increase the oil yield.

Technical parameter

Items Contents
Raw material Waste tyres, scrap plastic, waste rubber
Structure form Horizontal
Model HY-6T HY-8T HY-10T
Size of reactor D2200mm*L6000mm D2600mm*L6600mm D2800mm*L6000mm
24-hour capacity 6 tones 8 tones 10 tones
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Heating material Coal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil
Average out-put oil rate 45%-50%
Material of reactor Q245R/Q345R boiler plate
Thickness of reactor 16mm
Rotate speed of reactor 0.8 turn/minute
Mode of cooling Water cooling
Power in total 20 Kw
Life 500 to 750 batches

Green technology and high efficiency

  1. With huayin auto feeder, you have no need to shred tyres, huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant  can feed whole tyre directly.
  2. The reactor has double feeding door to meet customer needs, the bigger one for feeding tyres, the smaller one for plastics.
  3. Double catalyst chamber with added molecular sieve, it can absorb impurities thus avoids congestion and improves oil quality at the same time. Besides, two catalyst chambers could reach catalytic double effect that decrease pressure and remove the dust from the oil gas.
  4. Two horizontal condensers instead of 5 vertical condenser, and also the volume of one horizontal condenser can be equaled with 3 vertical condensers. Besides, the length has twice, so cooling effect will be better, in this way oil output can be guaranteed and raised.
  5. Another two length cooling pipes, the cooling area can be equaled with one vertical condenser, in this way, the cooling result will be better than our forth generation.
  6. Double anti-back fire device and two long cooling pipes. Double anti-back fire device will be more safety,and also make full recycling tail gas. The two long pipes can be equaled with one vertical condenser, it will cooling down the tail gas again, guarantee oil output.

  Huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant adhere to constantly updated product, guarantee high-quality product and offer full-service for our clients. Huayin is your trustworthy partner, welcome to contact us.
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