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Batch tyre pyrolysis plant for waste tyres recycling

Batch tyre pyrolysis plant market research:

With the rapid development of Market Economic, vehicle and machine become more and more popular, the requirement of oil market unceasing grows. Meanwhile, billions of waste tires are available all over the world. We can’t burn or landfills them due to pollution problems. There is no any other way use these waste tires.
Along with world economics progressing by leaps and bounds, the petroleum scarce tendency has grown day by day, enters into the 90's, the energy has become the primary factor that restricts various countries economy development, As the research speaking, the petroleum on global land will be exhausted within 50 years. Seeking the new energy has become the various countries’ matter of concern.
So set up batch tyre pyrolysis plant in each town, which could extract black carbon and tire oil from 65-million scrap tire and it is easy to find the raw material.
Our final motto is making a Green Society.

Safe batch tyre pyrolysis plant:

Batch tyre pyrolysis plant is a particular industry, It is very easy to accidents. Every year, explosion, fire, and the dead phenomenon often happen. If others dead, nothing but is lost their shirts. But if the dead is us, by that time, we have lost ourself lives, then we have nothing.
Those unsafely equipment are made by the small factory, and the Technology are not mature. Our boss have refining background. More than ten years on batch tyre pyrolysis plant. Very experienced. Our equipment security, absolute standard.
Our batch tyre pyrolysis plant above are equipped with pressure gauge, alarm, the relief valve, Special device to prevent jams. It can not result the stress by the congestion. Once produce the stressful, it will automatically alarm. After alarming, if there is no body to deal with the stressful, do not worry, The relief valve will automatically open, automatic purge, automatic pressure. Won't happen major accidents.
Don't choose small factory or the factory' technology is not mature. The equipment are made by these factory can not choose. The experience is very important.

No pollution batch tyre pyrolysis plant:

As is known to all, the world are pay more attention on the protection of the environment. Your country's environment is so beautiful, I think you also don't want to pollution it. If you select the environmental protection equipment is not pass, Once pollute the environment, Neighbors will charge you, then the government, the environmental protection agency will interfere with you. at that time, you will in a big trouble. Let you stop production, You invest in several hundred thousand will in vain, the equipment will become waste iron.
The content of the environmental protection bureau detection only have four: Water, slag, gas, noise.
Water consists of two aspects, first, the cooling water, the water will be same. Whether the put and come out, it will not be pollute at all. second, the dust removal water, it must have pollution, but it will be reused by recycling, not emissions.
The slag, is a by-product, don not need to throw away. If the raw materials is waste plastics, the slag can be made of coal and brick; if the raw materials is waste tyre, the slag is called Carbon black, in our country, the thick carbon black will sell for 400-500 yuan per ton. If the deep processing, Grinding to 800-1200 mesh, it will sell for 4000-5000 yuan per ton.
Waste gas, it also included tow parts, fist, the tail gas, in the past, the technology is not mature, it will pour into the air, Two or three kilometers near can smell bad smell. Our equipment has the Advanced tail gas recovery system, can recycling. The exhaust gas main component is methane, ethane, propane, butane and hydrogen. the Combustion values are high. Do not want to throw them away. We design, is recycled. Let it give itself heating, refined by itself, burn itself.
Our Batch tyre pyrolysis plant not only through the ISO 9001 international authentication, but also through the ISO 14001 authentication and European CE certification, our Batch tyre pyrolysis plant get you use international, environmental protection absolute standard, there won't be a problem, but our country and many factory production dust catcher, are in order to reduce costs, in a rough way, reduce link, is not standard, mostly smoke in the water get settled, pollution of the environment is inevitable. We had a lot of high pressure nozzle, the dust removal fluid of atomization, reaction fully, absorb sufficient, whether desulfurization, or dust, the few times higher than their effect, can reach the standards.

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