The Multifunctional Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

Company Profile 

      Huayin company supplies a series of waste tyre recycling pyrolysis machine which are extensively used for recycling waste rubber, waste tyres and waste plastic and converting it into fuel oil.  Using high-grade raw material and high-technology, these plants are availed to the customers in various specifications and have the advantage of multifunction. The most important thing is that these plants are widely appreciated by the customers owing to the various advantages and profits, meanwhile we also provide customization as per the exact specifications laid down by the customers.

Multifunction features

  1.Since huayin waste tyre recycling pyrolysis machine have auto-feeder, you do not need to crush tires by manpower. Our machine can feed the raw materials into reactor automatically. It saves labor and improves productivity.
  2. Two water sealing devices with safety-valve and auto-alarming device, vacuum device ensure worker’s safety.
  3. Specialized catalyst chamber improves oil yield and oil quality.
  4. Tail gases can be recycled to furnace. In this way, you will save more energy. For another way, it’s environmental friendly.
  5. All cooling waters are circulatory.
  6. Flue gases are processed by dust removal device and each emission standard without pollution.

Final products and usage

NO. Final products Rate of output Usage
1 Plastic oil 45% A. Sell directly.
B. Turn to diesel and gasoline by oil distillation machine.
C. Fuel materials.
2 Carbon black 30% A. Sell directly.
B. Reprocessing to fine carbon by carbon black refining machine.
3 Steel wire 15% A. Sell directly.
B. Deep processing to steel bloom by hydraulic press-packing.
4 Combustible oil gas 10% A. Fuel burn by use gas burn system(pyrolysis machine included)
B. Flammable gas can be storage as fuel material for heating.

Plant advantages

  1>Security: our waste tire oil refining equipment have anti-blocking device and have pressure gauges,alarms,safety valves and vacuum machine.
  2>Energy conservation: recycling of exhaust gas and science fire channel design can save energy and thereby reducing costs.
  3>Long life:hot-blast stove is long life,but not energy-saving,its consumption of energy is much greater than the repair costs of fired reactor is energy saving but short is a contradiction.we resolved this conflict by thickening steel plate reactor of fire approach part which oxidized extremely,so we generally use the 14mm,16mm,18mm,20mm thickness of steel plate,or12mm stainless steel plate,other slow oxidation parts use 12mm thickness plate(20G),not only energy,but long life.
  4>High degree of automation: the advance device,with a small forklift,conveyor and automatic feeder.
  5>Guarantee with after sales service:we has Christian background,love is the heart of our culture.selling devices not for selling only,but to help you approach to success.quality and service is our commitment and responsibility.your success is our aim.we have a good reputation in the industry.
  6>Low cost:all costs are low because of being located at the suburbs.advanced and complete processing equipments,almost no external processing and customer interests oriented business philosophy,it stands to reason that the price is low.

Welcome to contact us

  Huayin hold on a responsible and trustworthy attitude, regarding the user's success as our business goals and taking the users’satisfaction as our service tenet, we will try our best to provide the users with high quality. Welcome to inquiry us, huayin waste tyre recycling pyrolysis machine.

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