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10-Ton Oil Distillation Plant
The shining plant with tower on the picture is called 10-Ton Oil Distillation Plant, the masterpiece of Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd, which is among the best sellers during year 2014.     
 Generally as her name expresses, she is specializing in pyrolysing waste oil to diesel oil under normal pressure. She can contain about 10 tons of waste oil-waste engine oil/motor oil/plastic crude oil/tire crude oil, and run about 23hours continually within one day with around 4 people observing. The valuable output is diesel oil, and available for engine with national standard oil.    

Compared with Tire/Plastic Pyrolysis Plant she is also composed of over one thousand components with different sizes, some are large, others are precise. Among the large units, most are patented products. What is more, she is qualified with BV, CE, ISO, and SGS, proving her safety and quality insurance. Safety and quality issues are always the most concern of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., for every worker’ life is incomparable.          
Without doubt, 10-Ton Oil Distillation Plant was born with a large number of unparalleled edges. Security, she is employed with at least three large safety device, which are connected with the reactor and cooling system, in order to prevent syngas from going back to the reactor causing accidental explosion; besides, some safety valves are operating together with the alarms to keep the reactor running under normal pressure in case the workers were absent of the site. Energy-saving, used circular water from the cooling system and syngas both can be recycled to save a lot of fuel energy and clean water, thus reducing a large amount of cost for clients. Environmental friendly, chemical water is used in dust-removing system to cleanse the smoke until it turns into steam, and waste water from the cooling system and syngas from burning processing both can be recycled to the reactor and go back to the cooling system, such as heating the reactor and run as circulating cooling water again; so far, air and water pollution are avoided.  

Most importantly, the technology offered by this distillation plant is more advanced than others in refining field, with much higher oil yield than pyrolysis plant does. The details will be release to the clients if they visit our factory and decide to order. And the available markets for the above output is not hard to search, honestly very broad. First, the diesel from waste oil is available for auto-mobile engine with national standard oil. And it is as well salable for manufacturers such as power plant, glass factory, cement factory, ceramic factory, boiler factory and so forth. All the outputs have good selling lines, plus most pyrolysis plants run in industrial zone which include huge markets. 

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