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Free pollution waste plastic pyrolysis plant with Huayin brand

Background information:

In our modern society, waste plastics, waste tires, waste rubber and waste oil cause severe environmental pollution. Most of people don't know how to get rid of of these house waste or industry waste. Burning or landfill?  These two ways actually are not the best way to solve the problem.    
Today, I am very glad to introduce waste tyre recycling plant, waste plastic pyrolysis plant to you. We also have waste engine oil recycling machine and oil residue recycling machine. After being refined by our plants, all the tire or plastic will be fully reprocessed, most percent are converted into fuel oil, the rests are carbon black and fuel gas. It will not cause environmental pollution. Further more, the cost of raw meterial is very low and in fact  they are waste thingswhich can be turned into treasure after pyrolysis processing.


Waste plastic pyrolysis process:
Plastic separation → automatic feed → catalytic cracking→ oil-water separation → cooling liquid → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → desufuration and dust removal

End producets:
Fuel Oil:40%-45%
Carbon Black:30%-35%
Steel Wire:10%-15%


pyrolysis oil


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