Ten Ton Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine in Ukraine
  • Location: Ukraine
  • Configuration: 1 set pyrolysis machine 10 ton/batch, Reactor*1, Auto feeder*1, bag filter dust, removing device *1, integrated condenser*1, cooling tower*1, discharging device*1, foundation*1
Ten Ton Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine in Ukraine
Due to the epidemic our machine was installed by online guide. During the installation, every day so many questions were sent to Huayin after-sales team, and in the same day or next day we would receive detailed photos and videos, which was very useful for us.
——Ukraine client

  Customer background:

  This client is from Ukraine, whose business scope is central heating. He buys waste tires from Italy and France waste tires with low price, and sells the getting fuel oil to industrial factories for heating.

  This client bought one set 10 ton HUAYIN integrated pyrolysis machine, with foundation and bag filter dust removing device. This dedust system is no need to build water pool. it uses bag filters to remove smoke from burning coal or wood or oil or natural gas. Cause in local place it is easy to buy the bag filter, so he chose this one.

waste tires pyrolysis machine 10 ton in Ukraine

10 ton integrated pyrolysis machine

  Source and supply of raw materials:

  Export the waste tires from different countries, the volume is about 300 ton/month.


  fuel oil 45%, pyrolysis gas 10%, steel wire 15%, carbon black 30%. In one month this client could get about 120 ton fuel oil, 40 ton steel wire and 80 ton carbon black.

  Customer procurement timeline:

  This client got in touch with us in August 2019, and he was too busy to find time visiting our factory, so he purchased pyrolysis machine on-line in October 2019, and time proved that his choice was right.

waste tires pyrolysis machine 10 ton in Ukraine

pyrolysis reactor

waste tires pyrolysis machine 10 ton in Ukraine

foundation of reactor

  In the December 2019 this client received the machine. Due to the epidemic our engineer could not guide them in-country, while our on-line after-sales service and videos helped them to finish the installation in February 2020.

  Plant size and staffing:

  He has an old empty factory, where could accommodate 2 sets pyrolysis machine 10 ton, so the bought one set machine for testing the market, and in the future gradually expand operations.

  If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact with us!

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