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Huayin waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh successfully installed in November 2018. 
One set of 10 ton plastic pyrolysis plant in Philippines in 2018.
waste engine oil recycling project in India in 2018.
Five sets of distributed design tire pyrolysis plants in 2018.
Two sets of 20T/batch Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plants in Albania in 2017.
2 sets 10 ton integrated design tire pyrolysis machine successfully installed in 2018.
Huayin 20 ton tyre pyrolysis plants successfully operated in 2017.
In July, 2017, Huayin 10 ton waste tire to fuel oil pyrolysis plant successfully installed in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka
One set 10 ton tyre pyrolysis plant in Lithuania in 2017.
one set ten ton tyre recycling line in Bangladesh in 2015.
1 set 10ton distributed design tire pyrolysis machine installed in 2015.
Two sets ten ton tyre pyrolysis plants successfully installed in 2015.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • Capacity model: 1Ton-15Ton
  • Raw materials: waste tyres/waste rubber
  • Output: 45% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, 10% steel wire, 10%-15% syngas
  • Capacity model: 1-15T
  • Raw materials: waste plastic
  • Output: fuel oil, carbon black, syngas
  • Capacity model: 1-15T
  • Raw materials: Oil Sludge
  • Output: Fuel oil, Ash, Flammable gas.
  • Capacity model: 5-30 ton/day
  • Raw materials: Waste tire, Worn rubber, Waste plastic, Medical wastes
  • Output: Fuel oil, Carbon black, Syngas
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